American's Paradise Music Festival

An annual multi-day festival held in the Virgin Islands. 





About the Client

St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands,  a top Caribbean tourist destination is the home of the America’s Paradise Music and Comedy Festival, which will highlight the U.S. Virgin Islands as a Caribbean gem where guests from around the world come to shop, vacate and enjoy activities such as concerts, festivals, comedy, water sports and more. The America’s Paradise Music and Comedy Festival will complete your annual summer vacation on a beautiful island retreat with popular entertainers for all generations.


  • Category :Web Development
  • Plan Type: Premium Store
  • Date :19 May, 2022
  • Client :APMF
  • Features
    • Call-to-Action
    • Contact Form
    • Interactive Banner
    • Product Categories
    • Social Media Icons
    • E-Commerce Functionality
    • Ticketing Agent
    • Event Tracker
    • Audio Player


The Working Challenge


This client requested a clean layout that incorporates the three concert days with selective and all encompassing payment options. The process must be quick and effortless without compromising website integrity.  

  1. Create clean “flowing” layout that draws in potential consumers
  2. Create a multi day layout with selective options for festival
  3. Ensure payment portal is easy and fast to use


Our Working Process


Gather all the information

Aggregate all information intricate to the festival's website creation. Implement. Thorough analysis for inconsistencies.


Find Solution and Solve it

Create, Test & Implement Payment portal for quick checkout with additional options requested by client. Including but not limited to digital check-in/out systems.


Finally get the Result

Website Launched followed by intense marketing campaign to ensure publicity in designated markets. Monitor payments, uptime and additional concerns as they may arise. Continuous monitoring until event's conclusion.

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